Digestive Disorder

Chinese medicine has been helping digestive function for thousands of years. While QARE Wellness Acupuncture addresses healing from a holistic perspective, we see that a healthy digestive system is at the root of all wellness. Our digestive systems is intimately connected to our immune system, and being able to absorb all vital nutrients and eliminate all excess products efficiently is necessary for the health of all the body’s tissues: muscles, nerves, organs, blood and vessels.

Acupuncture helps the direction of the digestive energy to go in the correct direction, which is from the mouth downward through the entire system to the anus. If there is a problem in this directional movement in which arises with gastric reflux, nausea, gastro paresis, or constipation, when applied at specific points, it can help redirect the energy through the system in its natural downward direction.

Acupuncture also helps with the functions of absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste. Absorption issues may manifest as anemia, watery or loose bowel movements, and elimination of waste problems may result in constipation, bloating and gas, poor appetite and excessive weight (however excessive weight results from many different factors). Other health complications related to absorption and elimination are arthritis, chronic inflammation, kidney stones, gallstones, and autoimmune disorders.

Throughout your treatment, foods for your health are discussed – foods which work better for your body are encouraged, and foods which inhibit healing are discouraged. As you incorporate these changes into your diet, acupuncture can work even more effectively. Acupuncture also assists the digestive energy required for healthy absorption and elimination and helps the function of assimilating nutrients, and the function of sorting the nutrients from wastes.